iSmac engineering provides a range of services across India. Our diverse portfolio consists of Architecture, Civil and Structural engineering, MEP, Interior Design and also Project Management departments. Holding an unlimited license approved and accepted by all authorities, iSmac Engineering is involved with projects in all range and sizes, some of which include mega size projects. 

The company which was founded in 2014, is Corporate office in Kolkata, West Bengal. We are committed to the vision and core values that create a better world for all people.

Considering the growth of local economies and improving quality of life, we have shown a history of professional effort by maintaining right ethics and integrity.

Helping clients gain satisfaction towards completion of each project, iSmac engineering uses a well established national footprint along with the depth of know-how through experience, in order to remain a global leader in the region. Consequently, our motto is based on a performance above expectations of the industry.

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